Nangokuren Dragons
Japanese Name
Romanized Name Ryū
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Anime Debut
Members Kyōka

The Dragons of Nangokuren High School are widely considered to be the top three fighters within the school, with each member leading a faction in the three-way war for supremacy. Until recently there were only two members, with Ayane having only arrived as a first-year student [1]. With Rintaro are the top four fighters in the school 



Leader of the third year students. Represents the symbol of power.


Leader of the second year student. Represents the symbol of technique.


Ayane is the leader of the first year faction Ryōzenpaku. Represents the symbol of speed.

Rintarō Edit

It is mentioned at the end of Chapter 1 that Rintaro will be known as "Intenryū"

Previous MembersEdit


Graduated and was once the strongest student at Nangokuren High School and had almost conquered the school.

Relative StrengthEdit

Though the three current dragons are some of, if not the, strongest students, so far Ayane has been shown to be weaker than Kyōka and Rino. Though which of the two is stronger is unknown, but the relative stalemate before Ayane appeared implies they are relatively equal in strength. But as Kyōka was considered slightly stronger before Ayane arrived, she is likely the strongest. Before she graduated Ren was the strongest student in the school making her the strongest dragon seen in the series.



  1. Dragons Rioting manga; Chapter 1, page 35-36

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