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A wiki dedicated to everything about the manga Dragons Rioting, created by Tsuyoshi Watanabe and published by Fujimi Shobo. This wiki aims to provide a comprehensive source of information or the series. Please help us by creating or editing any of our articles! We are currently editing over 78 articles on this wiki. Remember to check with our manual of style before editing, and if any issues arise don't be afraid to talk to an administrators!
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Nangokuren Dragons


The Dragons of Nangokuren High School are widely considered to be the top three fighters within the school, with each member leading a faction in the three-way war for supremacy. Until recently there were only two members, with Ayane having only arrived as a first-year student.


Recent Manga Chapter
Chapter 11
Chapter 11: Crisis in the Enemy Camp

The pairs taking part in the main event of the Bakugyaku Festival are introduced, and the school principal randomly selects dancing as the theme of the contest challenge. With the theme selected, Kyouka invites Rintarou to her house in order to teach him Nihon Buyou, a traditional Japanese dance her family has been practicing for generations, and the foundation of her fighting style. She also uses Rintaro's visit as an opportunity to test his aptitude for Nihon Buyou, and as a way to get to talk with him alone.


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