Gorozaemon Jinbeenosuke Yonemitsu
Nangokuren Principal
Kanji ゴローザエモン ジンベーノスケ ヨネミツ
Romaji Gorōzaemon Jinbēnosuke Yonemitsu
Personal Profile
Gender Male

affiliation = Nangokuren High School

Special Info
Occupation Principal
Media Appearances
Manga Debut Chapter 11

Gorozaemon Jinbeenosuke Yonemitsu (ゴローザエモン ジンベーノスケ ヨネミツ, Gorōzaemon Jinbēnosuke Yonemitsu) is the principal of Nangokuren High School[1]


Not much is known about Gorozaemon personlity.


Gorozaemon appears as a very skinny and weak looking old man with glasses and bald.



Enhanced Strength: Gorozaemon seems to have quite a lot of strength as he is able to lift and throw a dice that is heavy enough to crush the floor despite his rather lanky figure.


  1. Dragons Rioting manga; Chapter 11, page 11

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