Kanji イオリ
Romaji Iori
Personal Profile
Gender Female
Hair Color Purple
Eye Color Purple
Academic Affiliation
Affiliation Asahina Clan
Media Appearances
Manga Debut Chapter 20

Iori (イオリ, Iori) is an old acquaintance of Ayane.


Iori has long blue hair and blue eyes. Outside of battle, Iori wears her school uniform. In her battle mode, Iori is often seen wearing her Miko dress.


Iori is quite shy when meeting new people, as she hid behind a tree when she first met Rintaro.


In their childhood, Iori, Ayane, and Saizō were raised under the hidden Asahina Clan and learned it's assassination style martial arts, the Ryūha Kokumu Anten.


Meeting with Rintaro and Reunion with AyaneEdit

On the next day, Iori and Saizō were challenged by Rintaro in a battle where in Ayane would be set free if she won. Despite Saizō's initial refusal, Iori accepted the challenge and told Ayane that she will crush her until she was no longer standing.



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