Kanji リノ
Romaji Rino
Alias Ransuiryū (嵐翆竜, Ransuiryū, literally Storming Emerald Dragon)
Dragon of Technique
Personal Profile
Age 17
Gender Female
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Green
Relative Ren (Older Sister)
Academic Affiliation
Occupation Student
Rival Kagamiin Kyōka
Media Appearances
Manga Debut Chapter 1

Rino (リノ, Rino) also known as Ransuiryū (嵐翆竜, Ransuiryū, lit. Storming Emerald Dragon), is one of the three Dragons of the Nangokuren High School. She is also the most intelligent and cunning of the current Dragons.



Rino's colour scheme.

Rino is a young woman of average height with short blonde hair and wears glasses with red rims. She wears a green button down vest over a white button down shirt, a black tie with two yellow lines, a green skirt with two yellow lines, pantyhose and black shoes.


Rino is a calm and calculating individual, usually showing little or no emotion in most circumstances.

It is stated by Meru that Rino used to look up to older sister; Ren, while little is known of their current relationship, it's shown that Rino not only desires to rule Nangokuren High School but surpass her sister as well, possibly possessing an inferiority complex towards the latter. 

She will use any means necessary to achieve her goals and will not hesitate to discard or dispose of anyone who gets in her way or is of no further use to her and is somewhat possessive of individuals, who she believes can further her goals, such as claiming Rintaro as "hers" when the latter won the Batsuzangaisei ceremony against Hatenko Meru.


Nothing is known about Rino's past except that she had enrolled at Nanogkuren High School and is currently a 2nd year.


Rino first appears watching the fight between Ayane and Kyouka.

The next day, she is informed that Asuna has lost and that the disciplinary squad has been disbanded. Rino then says that Asuna's defeat is all within her calculations and how she never expected anything from her, as she deletes Asuna's contacts from her phone. The others then wonder how to defeat the other two dragons, which Rino tells them that a tiger can defeat a dragon. Rino then reveals that Hatenko Meru is back.

Encounter and Rivalry with the TigerEdit

Later, she heads to the park to pick up Hatenko Meru. She then tells Meru that now its time for her to fulfill the covenant of Hagen, but is interrupted by the arrival of Erin. She then asks why Erin is here, but Erin ignores her. She then tells Erin to step down and that she is not done here, but is still ignored. She then listens as Meru apologizes and says that Meru is partnering with Rintaro. She then leaves along with her followers.

The next day, she encounters Ayane and Kyouka while heading to school. When Meru suddenly attacks Rintarou, she notices his movements. She then watches as Rintaro and Meru are about to fight, but intervened the Tiger to step down and she decides to "eliminate" him herself while claiming all she needed was Meru. She is in turn interrupted by Ayane who steps in to protect her "Master". While asked by another Dragon Kyōka asked for her uncharateristic mercy to the defeated Ayane, Rino would reply that even the toughest fighter would eventually losing it's motivation if their rival too weak, which her cunning is impressed the Dragon of Power.

The Batsuzangaisei CeremonyEdit

The next day, Rino witnesses the Batsuzangaisei ceremony between Meru and Rintaro. While initially keeping silent throughout the ceremony, she along with her fellow students are astonished when Rintaro wins by fracturing off a large section of the cliff the school building resided on and destroying it in the process. Rino quietly approaches the freshman, quickly grabbing his tie while calmly claiming him as hers, greatly shocking and distressing the young man, who quickly slips away leaving his tie in her grasp.

Bakugyaku FestivalEdit

As a second year student, Rino participated in and achieved victory in the previous Bakugyaku Festival. As second year students do not compete in the main event, she was seen watching from the seats in the arena.

The Day of the FestivalEdit

Ren ReturnsEdit

Prior Ren returns, Rino was informed by her followers that Ren has returned to the academy, which she wasn't interested in. She later watches Ren, who was warmly welcomed by the current students, from above but she decided to leave instead.

Brawl Between Two FactionsEdit


Rino and her faction challenge Kyōka's own.

During the Summer Vacation, Rino was gathering her fellow students outside the hall to fight against the Third Year Students.[1] Even her other subordinates Ryōko and Iyo come for Rino, her subordinates Megu and Shū look at both students with hostility Before her four subordinate could argue however, Rino mediated all four followers as she told them to focus their to defeat the Power Dragon and her group for total domination in the academy. Both factions later confronting each other in the school and the brawl ensued off-screen. The brawl later revealed to be a competition for the Royal Seal and whoever found it would granted a secret scroll. [2]

Battle RoyaleEdit

Prior the Battle Royale for the seal, Rino battled against Naomi and her followers where she emerged victorious, prompting Naomi to flee. Coincidentally, she also met Rintaro-who was calling her "Oni Glasses"- and walking towards him to fix his tie. Before leaving, Rino encouraged Rintaro to getting stronger after seemly sensing his progressing power.


Rino is considered one of the strongest students at Nangokuren High School.


Expert Swordswoman: Rino has shown to be a capable swordswoman, as she was able to easily divert and block all of Ayanes's attacks. Meru noted that Rino is the Dragon of Technique and thus her fighting style revolves around adaptation where defensively she constantly changes to match her opponent's movements like a flowing river and offensively is as powerful as pressurized water cutting through diamond. Rino is also ambidextrous, which allows her to use her full strength with both hands.

Enhanced Speed: Rino is shown to be fast, as she was able to blocks all of Ayane's Sensenryuu Sougageki attack.


Twin Swords: Rino wields twin black swords with Golden dragons carved on the side, bandages around the hilts, with red and brown fur links on the end of each hilt.


  • Ranbu Ranbu (嵐舞乱武, lit. Storm Dance of the Wild Blades): Rino slashes her target in a cross like style. The techniques was strong enough to tears apart Ayane's clothes.
  • Ryūsei Ranbu (竜凄嵐武, lit. Amazing Dragon of the Storm Sword):[3]


  • Virtually every member of Rino's faction wears glasses though it's unknown whether they actually need it like Rino or just wear as accessories to imitate her.


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