Dragons Rioting Ch.8
Chapter 8
Title 覇嚴断金 (Hagen Dankin)
Translated Title The Unbreakable Bond of Hagen
Fierce Fighting

The Unbreakable Bond of Hagen is the 8th chapter of Tsuyoshi Watanabe's Dragons Rioting. This chapter reveals the terminology of the Covenant of Hagen and her bond between herself and Ren.


Meru tells Rintaro and Ayane about her past with Ren, Rino's older sister, and the meaning behind the Covenant of Hagen.

After explaining the terms of the Covenant, Meru then speaks to Rintarou alone, telling him of her plans to leave Nangokuren and her intention to have him inherit the Covenant.  She then issues him a formal challenge to a fight, which attracts the attention of the three Dragons and their followers.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

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